Recently, I met with a person considering retaining RWA for financial planning and investment management and he asked me the following question:

“I came into some money and I realize I need an advisor.  My friends have referred me to different people. I’ve met with three so far.  They all seem nice, knowledgeable, and came highly recommended. They had nice offices and we all had good personal chemistry. Why should I hire you?”

What a great question!

The premise of choosing a financial advisory firm is based on their solid investment knowledge, high integrity, financial planning software or process, claims of great service and their stellar reputation. Everyone says they’ll help you get where you want to go and utilize a systemized planning process.

Yes, at Rubin Wealth Advisors, we offer all of that and more. What differentiates us from other wealth advisory firms are the time, energy and focus we spend on our clients, our cutting-edge technology and our mission to truly help them solve very specialized problems. We embrace each client and work diligently to make their financial lives easier on a week-to-week basis.

  1. WE CAN HELP  When faced with a problem or challenge, we’ve all heard people say, “I have a guy,” meaning they have right connection, at the right time, in the position to help, who is just a phone call away. At Rubin Wealth Advisors, when one of our clients has a problem, we bring to force our 30 years of contacts in the legal, educational, financial, political, health and medical, and public relations fields to move mountains for them. We don’t just introduce our clients to the right connections, we shepherd them through the process until they see results, and, we will do the same for you.
  2. TECHNOLOGY – Our investment in best-in-class technology is a commitment to providing our clients the best tools, processes and information on the market today so that they can make informed decisions based on real-time data. At RWA, you will always have the latest financial technology and information at your fingertips to make your decisions easier.
  3. FINANCIAL PLANNING – As your life changes, so should your financial plan. At RWA, we provide ongoing planning that adjusts to your needs, changes in your life and your goals. It isn’t a static 67-page financial plan. Our planning process is thorough, accurate, targeted and an integrated part of our investment management process.
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Connections. Answers. Introductions. Confidentiality. Solutions. When you need help in your life or business, we connect you to the right person or solution.

Plenty of people claim to be a connector. Often, they put their own self-interest first. We do things differently at RWA. We are the connectors and problem solvers that are your secret weapon. Your goals are our goals. Your wins are our wins. Between us, we have more than 100 years of contacts in many industries. From politics to government, education, health, public relations and the banking world, our contacts are at all levels in this wide and vast food chain. So, when we say that we “have a guy,” we really mean it. We put him or her to work for you to get results. We literally have hundreds of client stories where we’ve opened doors, made introductions, figured out fresh solutions, and, ultimately, got the issue handled. We do more than connect. We dig in and get the problem solved. Here are some examples:
  • In 2016, one of our clients was having an urgent media perception challenge that needed to be corrected before it escalated into an issue with his customers, Board of Directors, investors and ultimately his position with the company he founded. We provided confidential advice and connected him with a public relations expert who specialized in his industry. He received coaching, media training, increased positive media visibility and was able to turn the situation around and ultimately grow his company’s profitability.
  • One of our clients had been struggling with back issues for years. Trying to avoid surgery, they had been using pain killers, going to therapy, receiving acupuncture, and doing all the other short-term treatments for back pain. In 2014, our client's back went out completely and their family said it was time for surgery, no matter the cost. Our client called and asked for our help, and naturally we did everything we could. We contacted the University of Miami Project to Cure Paralysis center, which had at the time a six month wait time for patients in need of surgery. The next week, our client was in pre-op. Shortly after, they were being operated on by one of the finest neurosurgeons in the country.
  • In 2016, one of our clients had a child attending a school field trip to our Nation’s Capital in Washington DC. They called and asked if we could help them make their child’s trip a little more special. With a few phone calls, we arranged a White House visit. Instead of just standing on the green grass and viewing the White House from outside the gate, our client’s child and his entire class got to go beyond the gates and stand a few steps away from the Oval Office.