• RISKALYZE Riskalyze provides clarity to our clients and allows us to easily communicate with them about where their portfolio is in…
  • FINANCIAL TIPS Do you have too many logins for financial institutions? Take a look at the financial tips video to see how…
  • QUARTERLY REVIEWS The Quarterly Review Process shapes the client experience at Rubin Wealth Advisors. Take a look at the video to see…

Is your financial portfolio too risky? Don’t make another financial decision until you know.

By Chad Capraro   Rubin Wealth Advisors strives to continually raise the bar on the products and services we provide our clients. We have recently added several significant services, including our most popular addition: Riskalyze, a portfolio analysis and risk assessment tool. Prior to leveraging Riskalyze to analyze risk scores, we used risk questionnaires. The […]

From Intern to Financial Advisor – My Journey at RWA

By Chad Capraro   As my Junior year came to a close in May 2016 at Florida Atlantic University, I was ready to start looking for internships to prepare me for my future. I was double major in Finance and Management Information Systems and was looking for an opportunity that would let me both leverage […]

Why the classes you take in High School matter.

By Chad Capraro   The cost of going to college continues to rise and cause financial stress on families that have children that want to go to college. Nowadays, just saving for your children’s college education is typically not enough on its own to put your child through college. Families are looking for alternative ways […]