Don’t Make Another Financial Decision Until You Read This

Rubin Wealth Advisors strives to continually raise the bar on the products and services we provide our clients. We have recently added several significant services, including our most popular addition: Riskalyze, a portfolio analysis and risk assessment tool.

Prior to leveraging Riskalyze to analyze risk scores, we used risk questionnaires. The process was more cumbersome and included questions that didn’t get us to how much risk the client was willing to take.  In addition, at the end of the questionnaires, each participant would be assigned to an investment strategy track, such as conservative or aggressive growth. The meaning of these tracks can differ for each client. What one investor views as a growth strategy, another may consider being a balanced approach. We wanted a better, more comprehensive solution for our clients that provided a sharper level of clarity.

Our team thoroughly researched the best-in-class risk analysis solutions on the market and without hesitation selected Riskalyze.  It is a leader in its field for good reason. Today, it has become an important part of each client’s quarterly review to ensure that we continually help them build or adjust portfolios that are right for them, their personal circumstances and their propensity for risk.

Our clients have enjoyed the new risk assessment process – and the clarity it provides – so much, they have asked us to make it a part of every quarterly review. This simple, yet important process enables us to provide a higher level of client service and satisfaction. We can now more easily communicate to our clients where their portfolio is in and out of alignment with their risk quota, how it will perform in a variety of markets and make adjustments to bring it closer to their goals, comfort levels, and current economic conditions.

Being able to display a variety of market conditions – such as interest rate spikes or bear markets – enable our clients to better understand, and gain confidence as to how their portfolio will react to different scenarios. This is just one more way the new risk assessment has improved the Client for Life experience at Rubin Wealth Advisors.

If you’re interested in obtaining your own risk assessment score, click here to get started now. It is free, easy and offered at no-obligation!