From Intern to Financial Advisor – My Journey at RWA

As my Junior year came to a close in May 2016 at Florida Atlantic University, I was ready to start looking for internships to prepare me for my future. I was a double major in Finance and Management Information Systems and was looking for an opportunity that would let me both leverage my skills and receive real-world experience in the Finance industry. I started my search on FAU’s career website and searched daily for internships that would fit the bill.

I thought the search would last no longer than a week. However, after daily searches, applying for many positions and several interviews over the course of a month, I became a finalist for an IT Internship. Since I was determined to pursue a career in finance rather than in information technology, I continued looking. By the time August came around, I was still searching for the right opportunity. Just as I was about to end my search, I received an email from the FAU College of Business with a variety of internships. Reading the email, I was pleased with the new options and applied to several positions. One job listing that stood out above the rest was a finance internship at Rubin Wealth Advisors.

Shortly after applying for the position at Rubin Wealth Advisors, I received a call to schedule an interview for later that week. The experience I gained interviewing over the Summer prepared me for my meeting with Rubin Wealth Advisors. At the end of the interview process, I was offered and accepted an internship at Rubin Wealth Advisors for 10 hours per week over the course of the Fall Semester.

During my first days as an intern, I completed simple office tasks while I learned how to use the programs the Rubin Wealth Advisors team uses daily. My first project was to design workflows that could help us become more efficient. I closely studied our workflow and designed process improvements. At the completion of the project, I reviewed my suggestions with Bob and was asked if I was interested in increasing my hours from 10 hours to 15 hours per week. Without hesitation, I said yes! I was surprised and excited that I was already being asked to commit to more hours.

As I learned the ins and outs of all of the programs at Rubin Wealth Advisors, I was able to take on additional challenges and further contribute to the team and our clients, including my work as the firm’s first Client Concierge. As I became more involved and took on more responsibility, I realized the degree to which this experience was helping me prepare for my future. Throughout the Fall, I met regularly with Bob to discuss my progress and my plans for the future. I found these meetings to be very helpful because of the constructive feedback and insights that I received from Bob. He shared praise in the areas where I was doing well and discussed where there was room for improvement. I approached these meetings as an opportunity to learn, grow and better prepare for the future. By the end of the Fall 2016 semester, I was energized by my Rubin Wealth Advisors internship experience and hoped to be invited to continue working for the firm in the Spring.

After my Winter break, I buckled down at Rubin Wealth Advisors in my position as a Client Concierge. After being in that position for six months, my workload and responsibilities increased and I was enjoying the new challenges. In our meetings, Bob told me that he has been impressed by my ability to balance my responsibilities as a full-time student, working in Student Government and interning for Rubin Wealth Advisors. As the Spring semester went on, Bob and I continued to meet regularly to discuss my performance, my goals for the future, and my progress at school now that graduation was quickly approaching. My answers were always the same. Fortunately, I was learning a great deal as a Client Concierge; school was going well and I was enjoying both.

By early April, Bob asked to have a more formal meeting with me to discuss my future after graduation. I was ecstatic that he wanted to have this discussion, but was uncertain whether he wanted to talk about my future in general, my future at Rubin Wealth Advisors or both. The meeting was about my general future as well as my potential future at Rubin Wealth Advisors and lasted over an hour.

We reviewed my performance as an intern, discussed my strengths and weaknesses, and my plans after I earned my degrees. At the end of the meeting, Bob handed me an envelope with a letter inside. I opened the envelope and started reading my offer letter from Rubin Wealth Advisors. The letter included details about a full-time position but, more importantly, provided me with a timeline and plan for how I will become a Financial Advisor. In our meetings, I frequently shared with Bob how important it was to me to become a fully Licensed Financial Advisor. Now, he was providing me with an opportunity and strategy to get to that goal with Rubin Wealth Advisors.

The plan started the first day I start working as a full-time employee as I began preparing for my 2-15 Life, Health and Variable Annuities License and will continue until I become a fully Licensed Financial Advisor. It has been quite a journey over the course of a year. I went from searching daily for internships to landing an internship that worked with my busy schedule as a student, to being offered a full-time job with a strategy and roadmap to becoming a fully licensed Financial Advisor. I never thought I would find an internship that would end in a full-time job, but am grateful I have. I learned many lessons along the way, but the biggest lesson is to always give your best effort because you just never know where an opportunity may lead you. Next, I will be studying for my Series 65.

Stay Tuned for more…